Although the Chris Chelios Jersey European 2016/17 season league has ended for a long time, but the summary is still continuing. According to the Swiss Football Observatory data, Chelsea last season was able to lead all the way and Clark Griswold Jersey eventually win, due to the stability of the main lineup of the Blues.


Arsenal have reached an agreement with CM Punk Jersey Lyon, will be a record team record 4400 million pounds worth the introduction of Lacazet, the two sides will sign a 5-year contract, so that Lacaze will go beyond the previous Ozil Of the 42.5 million pounds worth, a gun team history of the most expensive signings. England star Rooney still want to stay in Manchester United, a signal is that the club to him out of 10 million pounds breakup fee, but Rooney still unmoved, because he understands that if you stay in Manchester United, may eventually get 30 million GBP!


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