And Monaco Erik Gustafsson Jersey coach Jardin has made it clear that he wants to keep Muba Pei: "I want to keep the right players, not just me, all the world's coaches will like to keep their best players, but with Monaco's plan, maybe we can not always be able to keep the best players, we will be concerned about the development of the situation.We have Glenn Hall Jersey three players left, maybe there will be other players, but our plan will not change, We will continue to win.


If the general statistics on the number of players Graham Knott Jersey is not intuitive enough, the Swiss Observatory further pointed out that Chelsea last season, the stability of the main lineup is the key to their leading way. The data show that Chelsea 11 players played in the league accounted for 85.5% of the total number of their league play time, is the top 27 in Europe's top 50 league teams in the highest.


In this ranking of the data, the Premier League Jonathan Toews Jersey West and Tottenham Rankings are also higher, respectively, ranked 9th and 11th, but Manchester United 11 Premier League players only play the total playing time of 62.8%, ranked in all of Europe Top league team in the last 50 inside. It is worth mentioning that 62.8% of Manchester United is only 62.6% higher than the Premiership relegated to the city of Hull and 58.6% in Granada, which was once dominated by Adams, but eventually it was relegated.