Paris is now Denis Savard Jersey eyeing Liverpool's midfielder Kutiniao, although the Premier League giants asking price reached 100 million euros, but PSG is not bad money, once the Red Army agreed to do business with them, Paris is likely to take this acquisition of Kudini Oh. "Daily Sport newspaper" also said that if the Paris buy Kutiniao, then they will release a lot of Virapi probability.


But it is worth mentioning that he also Dennis Rasmussen Jersey included the removal of his existing sponsor Nike, both sides of the contract will expire this month, the players are likely to accept Adidas's astronomical endorsement. Therefore, Mbapei's action is more like a change to the "enemy Duncan Keith Jersey camp" signal, he did not give his life in Monaco draw a full stop.


France "team newspaper" also revealed ED Belfour Jersey that Mbabei out of the two conditions of stay. First, he wants his annual salary from 1.2 million euros to 8.5 million euros, and second, Mbabei hope the club to stop selling the core players. However, the team has been sold this summer, Bernardo - Sylvia, and Fabiano, Mendy, Bakayoko, Lemal and others have become the transfer market of the meat and potatoes, the French champions in the summer Fear to become a giants supermarket, once so, Mbapei is bound to plan for their own future.