The disclosure Patrick Kane Jersey of Lacazet signed Arsenal's contract for up to 5 years, and in the past few days, also heard the Atletico more hope to sign the news of Lacazet, but eventually was signed by Arsenal. However, with the "Post" is different from the "Mirror" that basically get the Lacazet after Arsenal did not give up Mbapi, but if you want to get this Monaco demon, the gunmen at Artem Anisimov Jersey least pull Casseter 3 times the transfer fee.


Data show that last season Chelsea in the Andrew Desjardins Jersey Premier League has sent a total of 24 players, and 2015/16 season Premier League champion Leicester City in that season less, with only 23 players. In contrast, Premier League ranked the lowest ranked Manchester United, Mourinho last season, a total of 31 players in the Premier League game, and Manchester United final Premiership points less than 24 points less than Chelsea.


In the past season, although the Blues Bobby Orr Jersey eventually won the cup, but there are seven blue team players did not even a league appearances record, which includes Christian - Atosu (620 million pounds sold to Newcastle), Kyrgyzstan Loboji (sold for 8,000 pounds to Sunderland), Solgen-Azar (sold by 600 million pounds to Mönchengladbach) and Dominique - Solank (300 million pounds sold to Liverpool) The Other players of this type are Steip-Perizza (last year's summer windows were sold to Udinese by 3.4 million pounds), George - Saville (the 2014 summer window was sold to Wolves by 100 million pounds).