Villati himself Brandon Mashinter Jersey is also actively promoting the transfer of Barcelona's deal, today's "Daily Sport newspaper" on the cover that Villati will return to Paris, when he will give the club an ultimatum, hope PSG release him to join Barcelona. It is reported that Willati and Paris President Nasser met, asked each other release. July 4, Paris will open summer training, once the French giants are still reluctant to let go of Villati, then do not rule out the possibility of Italian Brian Campbell Jersey midfielder to take radical measures.


1 year ago, Arsenal offer 29 million pounds Bobby Hull Jersey to buy Lacazet, but was rejected by Lyon. In the summer when the first offer 39.5 million pounds, but also eat a cold shoulder, but the gunmen perseverance efforts and the price increase eventually touched the Lyon Chairman Olas. Olas denies Lacazett transfer fee plus a maximum of 58.7 million pounds of rumors: "It is not possible, too unrealistic, Arsenal's first offer is 3950 million pounds, transfer to reach the amount Will be between the two, it is 4380 million pounds, very close to 50 million euros, which is great, while refreshing the record of Arsenal and Lyon.


"You have to pay attention to the fact that Brent Seabrook Jersey  clubs like Arsenal are not used to spending so much money for a player, and that's sure to create our record, which is not a small number, and our club has sold a 50 million euros for the players The transfer of Lacazet will be done in 1 or 2 days.